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QWiki – a kind of wiki looks like AI in Wall-E Movie

(AI = Artificial Intelligence)

Now I’m feeling like I’m the captain of the giant space ship in Wall-E !! So proud!! (thanks to QWiki)

If you’ve ever watched the Pixar movie Wall-E, you would have seen a captain asking the computer about earth, soil, plants,…:

Captain: Define… earth

Computer: Earth … (bla bla bla)

Captain: Define… plants

Computer: Plants… (more bla)

….(something more)

Captain (thinking with wide-open eyes): Wow, it’s amazing!! Is it (computer) cheating me??!! But I like it!! <thumb up>

So, that’s the matter if you could have a content provider or search engine that can reply to you with a movie clip which supplies information, images, beautiful voice,… That will help us save a lot of time for a brief knowledge of a certain subject.

This is an example. Of course I don’t search for something quite basic like the captain does. On QWiki, I search for “Kon Tum Province” (Vietnam) – where I grew up. Watch it!

(QWiki is in alpha version, you must request for an account to use it, besides you can view some samples on site without registration)


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